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Fenneko is an office worker and a supporting character in the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko. Fenneko is Retsuko's closest co-worker and is a renowned social media stalker. Fenneko's appearance is based on a Fennec Fox. She has light fawn fur across her entire body except for a dark fawn tripoint stripe down her forehead. Like Retsuko, Fenneko wears a navy blue vest and skirt, a white dress shirt, and brown heels at work. Outside of work, Fenneko is seen wearing a baby blue turtleneck sweater, gray skirt, black tights, and brown boots. Fenneko is quiet, perceptive, and can easily figure out what her co-workers are thinking just by watching their mannerisms. Fenneko thinks it's hilarious when Retsuko puts herself in embarrassing situations at work and is rightfully angered by how the higher-ups treat Retsuko. Fenneko is a self-proclaimed pro social media stalker, and while she is always right, Fenneko gets extremely confused if she thinks that she might be wrong in her observations. She is very opinionated and judgmental, and isn't afraid to voice those opinions, like when she told Haida in We Wish You A Metal Christmas that he should just give up on Retsuko since the latter has already rejected him once. She can occasionally be a nasty person even to her friends, such as when she exposed Haida's family background and then sent the evidence to Retsuko without his consent even when he protested. She has a signature monotonic robotic laugh that she lets out at least once per season, but she laughs normally when drunk. She has a habit of trash talking stuff before she even tries them but becoming addicted to them once she tries them. This is the case with group dates, smartphones, and virtual reality dating simulators.

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