Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia

Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia
Original Name
Romaji Name
Fiore Foruvejji Yugudomirenia
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
July 12th
162.00 cm
47.00 kg
Blood Type
84.00 cm
57.00 cm
82.00 cm
Submitted By
Popularity # 3478
Like # 3355
Trash # 4044

Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia is the Master of Archer of Black in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. She is 19 years old during in the Great Holy Grail War She has brunette wavy hair, clear blue eyes and a gentle smile, her body appears fragile. Due to a magic circuits malfunction during her birth, she became crippled and wheelchair-bound. Fiore has a soft and clear voice, and her smile is able to spread to others, as if infecting them with her sweetness. She has some trepidation towards the war, fearing the Mage's Association as the symbol of the world of magecraft. Fiore dislikes conflict, and having studied at the Clock Tower, has some distaste for having to fight against the faction even if she will not be fighting directly against her friends there. She is not against fighting when necessary, partly out of fear towards Darnic, but also due to the fact that a chance for victory exists. She would have objected had it been impossible, but the Greater Grail gives her confidence. She possesses a dream that cannot be granted no matter how much she refines her craft, so something like opposing her friends is only sentimentality that cannot obstruct her from her objective. She is fully committed for their coming confrontation. She desires to use the Holy Grail to heal her legs, but in a way that allows her to keep her Magic Circuits and allow her the full function of her legs. She feels shameful of it compared to Archer's own earnest wish.

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