Firill Crest

Firill Crest
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Firill Crest (フィリエル・クレスト, Firieru Kuresuto) is one of the main female characters in the Unlimited Fafnir series. She is a D, Student No 2 of Brynhildr Class and a member of the Dragon Subjugation Squad, along with being a member of the royal family of the Principality of Erlia. Firill is a fifteen-year-old girl of average height, with short, light purple hair adorned with a white hair clip, light-green eyes and a curvaceous figure with a large bust. She is usually clad in Midgard Academy's standard female uniform, wears black knee socks. Her dragon mark is located on her left shoulder. Firill is, for the most part, a quiet individual and a bibliophile, often carrying a book around with her. She dreams of writing her own book one day and wishes to experience as many things as possible for that reason. Firill is also mischievous and likes to tease other people, particularly Lisa Highwalker and Yuu Mononobe. She is also quite bold when showing her affection for Yuu, although she can get embarrassed if she tries to take things too far.

bangs fair skin green eyes main character medium breasts purple hair school uniform short hair student teen thin eyebrows
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