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Fizel, also known as Fizel Synthesis Twenty-Nine, is an Integrity Knight and likely the youngest one, along with Linel. Fizel has straw-colored hair in a short cut, with her two eyes accented upwards. She is described as having an expression of resolve. She wears and ink-black uniform, identical to Linel's. Her uniform has a green belt, with short-swords attached, close to the length of a dagger, at thirty «cen», with a grip made of reddish wood. Unlike most children, Fizel and Linel received their Sacred Task at the age of five, instead of ten. Their task was to perform in an experiment by Administrator, where she was partnered with Linel, along with twenty-eight other children, and forced to kill each other. In these experiments, Administrator would resurrect any child who died, and had them continue the experiment. Linel admitted to having forgotten many days worth of memories after a resurrection. Other side-effects included people returning as "different people", and some just returned as lumps of meat. Fizel and Linel discovered that killing someone in a single hit increased the likelihood of a successful resurrection, so they trained themselves in the proficiency of killing each other cleanly in a single hit, by striking at each other's heart and head. When only these two were left, Administrator abandoned her experiment, allowing the girls to choose their next Sacred Task. Both chose to be Integrity Knights; however, as Chief Elder Chudelkin would not permit them to become knights, the girls killed the previous Synthesis Twenty-Eight and Synthesis Twenty-Nine in a match to prove themselves, thus prompting Administrator to join the Integrity Knight Order as apprentices.

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