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Fjorm is a character from Fire Emblem Heroes and the lead character of Book II. She is the second princess of the Ice Kingdom Nifl and the younger sister of Princess Gunnthrá and Prince Hríd, and the elder sister of Princess Ylgr. She has the power to communicate with others through her dreams like the rest of her siblings, however, her power is less pronounced than her elder sister's and she cannot recall her dreams in great detail when she awakens. Fjorm is described by Gunnthrá as being gentle, but prone to agonizing over things. She also comes across as being stubborn in her devotion to her country's traditions. Very specifically, Fjorm deeply believes in the tradition that if a person saves someone from the snow, he/she owes their savior a debt of favour. In this light, her stalwart devotion to Kiran stems from their having saved her, and she thus believes that she owes them a debt. In many dialogues and quotes of their different playable versions, as well as several events (such as the "Bridal Belonging" Paralogue), it's highly implied that Fjorm's devotion to Kiran has blossomed into love. This is further confirmed by the epilogue of part I of the "Ice & Flame" event, where she begs Nifl to spare her life, as she could not bear to leave that person (implicitly referring to the summoner). Despite this, she is characterized by being a very reserved girl, becoming very nervous when other characters realize her feelings.

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