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Flashy Flash is the S-Class Rank 13 professional hero of the Hero Association. He is a former member of the Ninja Village's 44th Graduation Class, nicknamed "The End." Flashy Flash is a lean but muscular young man of average height with an androgynous appearance. He has sharp blue eyes and long ice-blonde hair with bangs brushed to the right side of his face. He wears a dark blue bodysuit with metallic bracers over his arms and upper chest armor with a long white cape over it. He adorns himself with two eight-pointed stars on either side of his head and on his cape. He has a chain strapped around his waist that holds his sheath and sword in place. Flashy Flash is a calm and serious man, immediately starting the topic of discussion at the meeting and stopping an argument between Tatsumaki and Metal Bat. He also appears to be quite arrogant, telling lower-ranked heroes to step aside and let him handle the Mysterious Being because he sees them as weak, berating them for potentially causing collateral damage. He is also very confident in his abilities. Flashy Flash is one of the few heroes who doesn't fear Tatsumaki, talking back to her after she insulted him, stating that she stole his kill against the Hundred-Eyes Octopus, and even went as far as to say that she is not actually stronger than him. He has a very firm mindset that training is one of the only ways to become truly strong, as he told Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame he only became as powerful as he was through training more than any other heroes or ninja. When the two monsters were dying, they asked Flashy Flash what it was that they were missing, and his response was their lack of training. In a sense, this is similar to Saitama, as he also believes training is the only way to become truly strong. Despite his collected composure, Flashy Flash has a tendency to be hasty and reckless. His careless attack on Hundred-Eyes Octopus only made the beast cause more destruction, and he has other lapses in judgment such as losing his communicator during the Monster Association raid or attacking Saitama even after recognizing him as a hero. While normally prideful and rude, he did compliment Saitama after witnessing his strength and speed. When he attacked Saitama under the suspicion of being a monster, he was stunned when Saitama avoided his first attack. Though he remembered who Saitama was, he wanted to confirm if he could actually dodge his attacks as his pride wouldn't allow such a thing, making him attack Saitama again, which was actually an unnecessary endangerment of his life. However, he is incredibly respectful of those he deems strong and is more than willing to give praise to such individuals. An instance of this is when he and Saitama work together with a monster to find the Monster Association's inner sanctum. In a gold mine, he defends against a series of larger monsters' attacks. Unbeknownst to him, Saitama does so as well and keeps an equal pace to him. He is astounded and impressed by Saitama's strength, calling him "Pretty good."

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