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Like her friendly rival, Basilio, Flavia is one of the Khans of Ferox; the East-Khan. She is a potential mother of Morgan. For years Flavia was bested by Basilio in the Feroxi Tournament, and continually looked for champions so she could beat Basilio in the tournament. Ylissean-Plegian WarEdit With Plegia's continuing attacks and the new threat of the Risen, Chrom came to Ferox for aid. However, Chrom had to deal with the border guard Raimi, who mistook Chrom and the Shepherds as Plegians due to the Plegians constantly attacking Ferox with "Ylissean" soldiers. After a short battle, Chrom defeated Raimi, who led them to Flavia. Chrom asked Flavia if she could help the Ylisseans with Plegia. Flavia told Chrom she would help, but because she was not the head Khan, she did not have the power to do so. Flavia was impressed how Chrom was able to defeat Raimi, and appointed him as her champion for the upcoming tournament. Basilio's former champion was Lon'qu, but he was defeated by "Marth", so "Marth" became his new champion. Chrom and his group face off against "Marth" and his group, defeating them. With Basilio's champion defeated, Flavia became the head khan and as promised, began to mobilize Feroxi troops and supplies to help Ylisse against Plegia. Flavia, along with Basilio, accompany Chrom to Plegia, where they witness Emmeryn's "death". After returning to Ylisse and preparing a large attack, Flavia sends a messenger to Chrom to report how the Plegians are deserting en masse, due to Emmeryn's words. When Gangrel is defeated, Flavia sends a negotiator to meet with the Plegians to discuss a truce, and mourns the Feroxi soldiers lost in battle. Chrom apologizes to Flavia for bringing them into the fray and promises to recompensate them, though Flavia tells Chrom not to worry as she saw Plegia's treasury and that it was more then enough for both Ylisse and Ferox

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