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Flora is a maid working under Corrin. She is Felicia's elder twin sister. Flora is a more capable vassal than her sister, and is more serious in personality than her. Unlike her younger, clumsy twin sister, Flora is a skilled maid and always perform her tasks in a timely, flawless manner. The male Avatar notes that she is particularly hard working, but keeps her mood calm at all times. If she ever has strong emotions, she tends to let her ice powers go wild to help "cool herself", though it usually results in a large blizzard in the vicinity of her. Underneath her capable and professional exterior, she is a deeply insecure and troubled individual, having grave self-esteem and anxiety issues, and does not value her own life. In her S-support with a male Avatar, as well as her A-support with Felicia, it's revealed that her self-esteem issues stem from her ineptitude at fighting, and that the reason why she tries so hard at being a capable maid is because it gives her confidence. When it appears the Avatar is dismissing her from her job, she has a mild breakdown and states that if she were to quit being a maid, her life would have no meaning. Of their servants, she's the only character who is not devoted to their utmost to the Avatar. When Jakob tries to point out that she's renounced her vow of loyalty by betraying them in Conquest, Flora shoots back that she never swore loyalty to the Avatar in the first place, only being made to serve them due to being a prisoner. In Birthright, Flora lashes out at the Avatar during their battle dialogue, exclaiming that they do not even know her real self. After the Avatar proves how much they care for her when they go out of their way to avoid harming her and the other Ice tribe members in their battle, Flora is so touched she insists on retaking her vow of loyalty, and from then on truly devotes herself to the Avatar. While Felicia looks up to her for her flawless maid skills, Flora is envious of Felicia for her stronger fighting skills. Flora feels that Felicia is stronger in character, as she is willing to always stay by the Avatar's side, refusing to back down to intimidation. In both Birthright and Revelation, out of fear for her own life and her people's safety, she decided to go against her former liege and sister so King Garon would not execute her and the Ice Tribe. While she lives in Revelation after this ordeal, in Birthright, feeling guilty for her mistaken choice, Flora takes her own life as a means to atonement. Surprisingly jealous.

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