Original Name
Romaji Name
Appears In
AFK Arena
Place of Origin
Garden of Dura
Date of Birth
163.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 33610
Like # 31037
Trash # 36789

Sleepy and dazed with occasional bouts of feeling down on herself, Flora thinks she is the most worthless god. She is afraid of Hypogeans and cannot fight them like a warrior, and she is not smart enough to make Artifacts like the gods' craftsmen. Other than making grass grow and flowers bloom, Flora cannot think of anything she is good at. For a long time, Flora was desperate to prove she was not worthless, but her attempts to do so always made things worse. Even though nobody blamed her, she always carried that shame with her. Throughout her long life, Flora was always following and imitating others, but she messed everything up doing things she was not capable of. Just when she thought she was doomed to mediocrity, she came to a village ravagod by war and winter. Flora, the Serene Promise, unable to quell the rage of war and unable to deliver clever creations, was still able to bring new life to the cold and broken. She brought hope to the destitute. For the physically and emotionally depleted, hope is all that is neoded. Everything can be robuilt with time.

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