Francesca Prelati

Francesca Prelati
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Furanchesuka Purerāti
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Francesca Prelati is the "True" Master of True Caster in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake. Francesca has ankle length light coloured hair that has skull patterns near the ends. She wears a dark ribbon in her hair and a vertically striped top with a short skirt. She also wears a visible garterbelt connected to stockings with bone patterns on them and boots with eye and teeth like designs adorning them. Finally, she wears a pair of fingerless gloves that go up to just below her shoulders and carries an umbrella with her. Orlando's insulting of her may imply she is older than she appears. Apparently, there is a zipper-like opening on her body made of teeth that extends from her ribs to below her navel. Years ago during his/her first meeting with Sigma, Francesca/François was shown at the time to have possessed and used the body of a young boy that greatly physically resembled the physical appearance and age of his Servant Self, True Caster. Francesca is a seemingly friendly and cutesy, yet devious girl who is first introduced clapping in congratulations to Orlando Reeve's speech to his soldiers. She finds his serious attitude to be surprising and scoffs at him for believing his side to be the side of good in this Grail War, as she finds playing the role of a villain to be easier than that of a hero because she could use the excuse of being a villain to escape any moral boundaries. Indeed, she later introduces herself and her Servant to Ayaka and Saber as "the masterminds, the bookies, and the troublemakers all rolled into one". She claims to hate Dead Apostles and to be on the side of humanity, but Orlando replies she's just fighting with them over food. In truth, Francesca or François is shown to only have an interest in making things "interesting", with her explictly stated goal to be working towards making the world "a more fun place". Her "hobby" is observing places where interesting things seem likely to happen through her far-reaching information network and then hurling that information into events unfolding in other places to cause chaos. In addition, Prelati demonstrates that she has an extremely cruel side to her, taking immense pleasure in seeing others despair or suffer. This was fully seen during her/his time in Sigma's former country. When coming across a group of children who were used as the test subjects and who pleaded and asked him for their mother, François proceeded to giddily laugh at their anguish and conjure up a severed head of a woman and merrily tell them that all of their mothers are dead and later laughed happily at the majority of them due to them breaking down in tears. She also holds some interest in Jeanne d'Arc who she identifies as Ruler, but only seeking to defeat and defile her if given the chance, because she wishes to force Jeanne into some sort of despair after sabotaging her ability to perform as the Grail War's mediator.[8] When she saw Ayaka being approached by Assassin and hearing that the planned servant to summon was the King of Knights, Francesca gleefully wondered what "Arty” would do if she were to be summoned only to find her Master dead.

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