Francesca Prelati

Francesca Prelati
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Furanchesuka Purerāti
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Francesca is the "True" Master of True Caster in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake. Francesca is François Prelati, the friend of Gilles de Rais from the time of Joan of Arc. Originally male, she has died numerous times and changed bodies, but the first death ended with her recorded as a Heroic Spirit. The Heroic Spirit version has no memories from after that first death. Francesca is a seemingly friendly and cutesy, yet devious girl who is first introduced clapping in congratulations to Orlando's speech to his soldiers. She finds his serious attitude to be surprising and scoffs at him for believing his side to be the side of good in this grail war. Francesca holds some interest in Jeanne who she identifies as Ruler, and seeks to defeat and defile her if given the chance. She wishes to force Jeanne into some sort of despair after sabotaging her ability to perform as the grail wars mediator. She finds playing the role of a villain to be easier than that of a hero because she could use the excuse of being a villain to escape any moral boundaries and wonders why Orlando cannot do the same. During events of the war, Francesca first sat along the sidelines watching Ayaka as she was approached by the Assassin class servant. Seeing that a servant was indeed manifesting, and hearing that the planned servant to summon was the King of Knights, Francesca began gleefully questioning what "Arty" would do if she were to be summoned only to find her Master dead. This changed to a look of confusion once she saw an entirely different Knight was summoned instead.

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