Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald Husbando

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
Original Name
Romaji Name
Furanshisu Sukotto Kī Fittsujerarudo
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
September 24th 1990
191.00 cm
88.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 14066
Like # 15593
Trash # 8352

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is the latest leader of the American organization known as the Guild until its eventual dissolution and split, upon which he currently leads the Renewed Guild. His ability name is known as The Great Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is a tall and slender man who has short combed blonde hair, and clear blue eyes. He wears a properly buttoned pink shirt with a tie, and creamy yellow tailored suit and trousers. When his ability is activated, green tattoo-like stripes appear all over his body and outfit. After the Guild war, he wears a brown suit over his black long sleeve polo shirt and a cream colored tie. Being the wealthy person that he is, Fitzgerald is very proud, boasting about his fortunes very often. He is extremely arrogant and possesses a lot of confidence in himself. He dislikes when his offers are rejected. But he is a determined man who would do anything in order to get what he wants. Nevertheless, he is not outright evil, because it's seen that he cares about his subordinates, always taking the best course of action for their safety, and he does even more for his family, caring genuinely about his beloved wife and his deceased daughter.

american blue eyes rich
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