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Francois is Ryusui's faithful butler whose services were well sought out and coveted even before the Petrification. They are revived by the Kingdom of Science as they require a chef to pull through long sea voyages. Francois's culinary expertise alongside their butling and hospitality skills make them a crucial addition to the cast. Francois is a short person of very petite build and ambiguous gender. They have a round face with sharp eyes and often sport a serious expression, their hair is always arranged in neat corkscrew curls and likely much longer than it appears to be. Francois has a petrification scar in the shape of a star on the back of each hand, but they're rarely visible as they often wear gloves. Francois is typically seen in their butler uniform; a dark blazer with striped cuffs and padded shoulders, a striped sash, a light colored ascot, medium length and slightly flared pants, and light colored boots with tall heels. When baking or cooking they wear a white long-sleeved baker's uniform, likely over their regular butler's attire and they also sport a white baker's hat. The star-like scars on their hands disappeared after their second revival, but they soon recreate them with war paint alongside the rest of the Kingdom of Science following Tsukasa's revival. Francois is an incredibly hardworking and driven individual, with an outstanding ability to work under duress, they truly take pride in their work and never fail to tackle any challenge that may arise. They usually appear pleasant, calm and collected, as it's part of their work ethos, but like with anything they do, they don't skimp on showing emotion when its due. Francois truly loves their job as a butler and they take great pride in delivering the best service possible. Their job is so entwined with their everyday life that it crosses the barrier to being their general lifestyle and they are very keen to expand their already vast skill set. Francois generally enjoys making people happy with their service, and often thinks one step ahead, preparing things before they are even asked for. Francois also has a tendency to hide their fatigue and only take breaks when no-one can see them.

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