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According to Freyr, Freyja was ridiculed for having a mark on the underside of her nose as a child. As a result, despite her beauty having blossomed and several sought to court her, Freyja rejected all others and focused her affections solely for her brother, as he was the only one kind to her. At the end of Chapter 4, Freyja, with the help of Plumeria and Triandra, took advantage that Freyr gave away Gullinkambi, his only defense against Freyja and the Dökkálfar, to the Order of Heroes, and kidnaps him. In Chapter 9, Freyja forces the necklace Brísingamen onto Freyr, allowing her to have access to both the power of Dreams and Nightmare, and as a result become omnipotent. When she relinquishes her brother's power of dreams, she created copies of herself to attack and harass the Order of Heroes, forcing them to retreat, but chooses not to kill them right away because she'd rather torture them to convince them she's omnipotent. In Chapter 10, she encounters the Order of Heroes again and is about to kill them. However, Freyr tells the Order to kill him so they can weaken Freyja which they reluctantly do. Freyr's death causes Freyja to lose the power over dreams causing her to scream in rage and grief over her brother's death. In Chapter 11, she relentlessly pursues the Order of Heroes, determined to make them suffer and know the pain she felt upon losing Freyr. Along the way, she tells them the story of how ordinary human children were turned into alfr to save the dream world, and then taunts Mirabilis and Sharena about their lost memories. Eventually, she sets Plumeria loose on the Order, and isn't too surprised at her defeat and death afterwards. In Chapter 13 after Alfonse is revealed to be Kiran, Freyja tempts Kiran to stay dreaming telling the summoner that if they wake up, the real Alfonse will cease to exist. Regardless, Kiran decides that they has to wake up in spite of Freyja's words in order to end the nightmare. After Kiran and the Order of Heroes defeat Freyja one last time, the group manages to wake up fully and return to the real world. Impressed with Kiran's bravery, Freyja manages to resurrect Tirandra and Plumeria but at the cost of her life. Before passing, she urges her alfr to find true happiness and finally understands why Freyr cared for the humans so much.

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