Frill Shiranui

Frill Shiranui
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Shiranui Furiru
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Frill Shiranui is a supporting character in Oshi no Ko manga series. She is a student of the Youtou High School's Performing Art Programs and a classmate of Ruby Hoshino. She is a multi-talented performer who can sing, dance, and act. By the words of Ruby Hoshino, Frill is the first person most people think of when they hear "pretty girl" with waist-length dark-green hair that she wears loose with her bangs parted on the right side, yellow-green eyes with slit-like pupils resembling a cat and two beauty marks; one on the lower right side of her lips and one under her left eye. Frill appears to be an aloof girl of few words and is attentive to the careers of others, quickly recognizing Minami Kotobuki and Aqua Hoshino and remembering their previous jobs when she first meets them. Another facet of her personality is her sense of humor, which has been referred to as "actually pretty funny." When it comes to acting, her demeanor can dramatically shift based on whatever role is assigned to her. Such versatility in covering a wide range of emotions and personalities is what enabled her to build strong connections and make a name for herself. Despite this fact that made her in-demand, she still believes that actors should be chosen for the role because they are qualified, not because of connections.

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