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A Caster who is one of Reunion's squad leaders. She is one of the few Casters capable of suppressing enemies in a head-on engagement. Among the squads she leads, the special "Yeti Squadron" assists her in some special operations. As her name implies, she has a cold personality. FrostNova is originally known as Yelena, a Cautus born in one of the many Originium mining camps on the Northwestern Tundra of Ursus from a couple of Infected slave-miners. Later Yelena learned that her parents were "accidentally" sent to the mine as a centuries-long punishment – basically a death sentence – for supposedly opposing Ursus' militaristic policies, with her grandmother also punished for harboring them, and the obviously dangerous working condition also caused them, along with the other slave-miners, to contract Oripathy. When Yelena was five years old, her parents were unfortunate enough to be chosen as the subjects of brutal torture and execution by the mine's overseers as a method to "control" the Infected death rate; Yelena saw with her eyes that her father was shot to death while protecting her mother, who was also shot to death in the back while protecting her. Yelena has since raised by her grandmother, but she follows the same fate as her parents five years later. By the time Yelena was eleven years old, all the able-bodied slave-miners had been killed off, leaving only children and young; she lived together with them and formed a strong bond between each other. The Originium mine had also been exhausted at this point and the overseers planned to execute the children before destroying the mine; Yelena was chosen to be executed first, but she used her Arts in defiance to kill the executioners, though she was subdued and forcing the overseers to accelerate their scheduled mass execution. At this moment, Patriot and his guerrillas show up and killed the mine's garrison, halting the executions. Yelena's misery and sorrow caused her Arts to manifest by freezing the blood of the dead Infected children and mine's garrison, forming a white ground beneath her. Patriot notices this and tries to comfort Yelena by holding her, causing his unprotected arms to be frostbitten in the process. Yelena and the rest of the Infected children choose to follow Patriot in the aftermath; she was able to control her Arts five years later and starts supporting Patriot under the callsign "FrostNova". As time passes, Patriot starts to love FrostNova as if she was his own child, while the Infected children coming with FrostNova would see her as a big sister figure and forming the core of the Yeti Squadron. At some point FrostNova encountered Talulah, who is seeking her assistance after helping the Yeti Squadron repel an attack by the Ursus Army; the two had a brief duel before FrostNova welcomed Talulah with open arms. Even though FrostNova opposes Talulah's suggestion that the Guerrillas should head into the Ursus heartland to take the fight directly towards Ursus, she nonetheless continued to fight side-by-side with the Draco and eventually develops a strong camaraderie with her. FrostNova went on to become one of the first members of the Reunion Movement alongside Patriot.

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