Fubuki Azuma

Fubuki Azuma
Original Name
東 風舞希
Romaji Name
Azuma Fubuki
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
April 16th
171.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 8856
Like # 7736
Trash # 23209

Fubuki Azuma is a member of the Anti-Demon Corps and is the 9th Unit's Chief. She is the mother of several daughters such as Yachiho and Himari Azuma. Winning against her youngest daughter during the Azuma Banquet to decide the new Azuma Family Leader, Fubuki was the victor, thus suceeding her mother. Fubuki is a beautiful and buxom woman with long dark blue hair with braids rolled around her hair and yellow eyes. She is often dressed in the usual Anti-Demon Corps uniform with the upper portion of her breast being viewed and long gloves. From her first appearance, she is shown to be a calm, respectful and ambitious woman, holding a great deal of pride in the Azuma Household as she had desired the Commanders' seat simply because multiple member of her family once held the position of Commander. As a perfectionist, Fubuki is rather critical about results, praising all her oldest daughters for their talents and feats as Demon Hunters and critcizing her youngest daughter who she views as a failure for not matching her older sisters. Whenever Himari is concerned, Fubuki has no maternal feelings toward her daughter, going as far as to state she'd even "put her down" if she continued dragging their family name through the dirt, a threat that Himari knew was genuine. Although Fubuki is really strict, deep down Fubuki cared for her family as she was aware of how harmful Toberas' method were towards the younger generations of their family. Upon becoming the new head of their household, Fubuki stated she will utilize love when handling the members of both branch and main member of their clan. Despite performing indecent duties ranging from massaging Yuuki to letting him eating honey off her breasts and showing off her near naked body, Fubuki maintains her usual calm, if not softer expression, granting him a reward and encouraging her youngest daughter to do the same.

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