Desumi Magahara

Desumi Magahara
Original Name
禍原 デス美
Romaji Name
Magahara Desumi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
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Popularity # 1980
Like # 1758
Trash # 5540

Desumi Magahara is the Reaper Princess. She is also the deuteragonist of the manga Love After World Domination. Desumi is a beautiful high school student with neck-length blond hair that has bangs swept to the left side and green eyes. Her Gekko Battle Gear is a kind of revealing dark blue demon-style outfit with bunny-like ears and thigh-high boots. Desumi is kind and lovable, but because of her absurd strength, many at Gekko find her scary. Many of her subordinates make offensive remarks about her, and despite being strong on the outside, deep down, she is just like any other girl and gets hurt. She is actually very kind and has always sacrificed herself for others. Joining Gekko wasn't something she wanted to do, but it made her father happy. She is prone to getting jealous, as shown when Fudo garnered much attention from numerous women on different occasions. However, she admits that she knows better than anyone that Fudo wouldn't cheat on her and it's more so that she's afraid of whether or not someone like her is suitable for him. She couldn't continue hurting him any longer and it was only until he hugged her and declared his love only for her that she could finally stand strong again.

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