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Fuku was a bento vendor for a train station supporting the Mugen Train. Fuku is a young girl of short stature, with long dark brown hair worn in a braid down her back. She has dark purple eyes that fade into a violet color lower down, their irises white and square-shaped. Fuku wears a plain red and brown haori over a white-collared shirt, as well as a white apron, which seems to be the uniform of the bento shop she works at. She also wears a tan-colored peaked beret and a pair of large round glasses. Fuku is a relatively polite girl, albeit one who is often stressed about finance and work. She believes she needs to work hard to support her parents as their business isn't doing very well, something her grandmother tells her is an issue only adults should be worrying about. She's also adamant about her belief that demons don't exist, refusing to turn in for the night just because her grandmother believes they may be vulnerable to demon attacks at night. Once Kyojuro Rengoku slays Slasher before her eyes, however, she rectifies this belief and apologizes to her grandmother for doubting what she'd said.

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