Fumikage Tokoyami Husbando

Fumikage Tokoyami
Place of Origin
Shizuoka Prefecture
Date of Birth
October 30th
158.00 cm
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Fumikage Tokoyami, also known as the Jet-Black Hero: Tsukuyomi, is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. Fumikage is a short young man with the head of a black bird, possibly supposed to resemble that of a crow or a raven. He has a tan, yellowish beak, which is slightly hooked down at the end, thin, red eyes with a small black pupil, one on each side of his head, and a red choker, which he rarely removes. Despite the appearance of his head, however, his body looks like an average human, with relatively fair skin. After his internship training with Hawks, Fumikage has become more muscular. After the Paranormal Liberation War, he gains a scar on his left foot as a result of Dabi's flames. His costume consists of a black robe that is tinted a dark purple where light hits it, covering his entire body, only stopping halfway down his shins and knee-high black boots. During the Joint Training Arc, it was revealed that under this cape, he wears a dark t-shirt, wristbands, a pair of baggy pants similar to the ones Katsuki Bakugo wears in his hero costume, and utility belt with a double pin buckle. Fumikage is reserved, serious, and focused, albeit noble and valiant. Though not talking very much, Fumikage will directly ignore questions or requests that seem in some way pointless (like Tenya Ida asking him not to sit on the desk) while he talks to other people as some ongoing joke. When Fumikage teams up with others, he becomes more sociable, helping his teammates out, reassuring his trust in them, and thanking them for their effort. During combat, Fumikage is known to be fierce and dependable, with his strength and capabilities rarely being questioned. Fumikage is fond of darkness and other related concepts, considering himself a "creature of the dark" and employing archaic-sounding speeches that paint him slightly creepy or dramatic. Nevertheless, Fumikage needs to be more secure about his interests because they are more on the arcane, fantastical side and, thus, more challenging for others to understand or relate to. Regardless of his association with dark themes, Fumikage does not show any villainous behavior. He greatly cares for his friends and mentors, and should harm come their way, Fumikage may end up feeling enraged or indignant, which can lead to disastrous consequences due to his Quirk being sensitive to his emotions. Fumikage also possesses incredible humility, being aware of his limits and understanding when it's time to back down. He takes any advice he gets seriously and uses it to improve his Quirk and abilities, showing great determination to even keep up with top heroes like Hawks. Fumikage thinks little about fame and idolatry but is still prideful enough not to tolerate being underestimated or looked down upon by others. While initially quiet and, in some cases, timid in the face of dangerous situations (such as when he believed the Pro Heroes should rescue Katsuki after his capture), Fumikage later proves himself to be a confident, brave young man worthy of the title of hero when he risks his life to save Hawks at the hands of Dabi.

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