Fuyumi Todoroki

Fuyumi Todoroki
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December 6th
160.00 cm
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Fuyumi Todoroki is the older sister of Shoto Todoroki and the daughter of Enji Todoroki. She is also a teacher at unnamed school. Fuyumi is a young adult woman with turquoise eyes (gray in the anime) and almost shoulder length white hair with some traces of red. She also wears glasses. Though not much is known about her, she seems to be a nervous person by nature. She cares deeply for her family as she was surprised by her brother going to see their mother. She has a close standing with her mother as she visited her as well with her brother Natsuo who she enjoys teasing. Despite her nervousness around her father, she does not appear to resent him and was horrified to watch a news report of him overwhelmed by a villain's attack. She also revealed that she was enjoying how her father was changing and Shoto visiting their mother, even stating that she wants them to be like a real family.

white hair grey eyes multicolour hair blue eyes fair skin glasses medium breasts multicolor hair red hair shoulder-length hair
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