Gabi Braun

Gabi Braun
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April 14th 832
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Gabi Braun is an Eldian who lived in the Liberio internment zone and the cousin of Reiner Braun. She is a Warrior candidate that is likely to inherit the Armored Titan power. Gabi is a small, young girl with a petite yet athletic build. She has a small face with wide brown eyes and defined eyebrows, a small upturned nose and a notably radiant smile. She also has medium length black hair which she keeps half tied above her head. Like her fellow Warrior candidates, she wears the standard Marleyan soldier uniform consisting of a light jacket and pants, supply packs on the hip, suspender straps, a hard hat with a stripe around it, and tall combat boots. As an Eldian, her uniform is different from the Marleyans, as her shirt collar has a small badge with the Eldian star instead of a small clip and her hat has a white stripe with the Eldian star on it instead of a pure black stripe. However, underneath her uniform, she wears a short tattered white dress with poorly made thigh-length light-colored shorts. As is law in Marley, Gabi also wears the Eldian armband as all her family members and ancestors residing there do so as well. Gabi is very passionate and head-strong, expressing her emotions and opinions without inhibition. She is also brave, possessing boundless determination, and willing to put her life on the line to complete a goal for a perceived greater good. She also shows great concern for her fellow Eldians, risking her life to take out a train instead of letting 800 of her brethren charge the gunmen guarding their objective. However, these attributes can also make her somewhat overbearing and domineering. This causes her to be tactless at times, forcing her opinions on others and taking charge regardless of whether it was asked for or not. She mostly shows this side around her fellow Warrior candidates, considering herself their de facto leader to an extent, and even threatening to 'punish' them when they disagree with her. Nonetheless, she is friendly enough that they have no issue with spending their leisure time with her. Like many of the Eldians living in Marley, she holds an intense hatred for the people of Paradis Island due to the false history she was raised up with. Aside from her resolve and determination, Gabi is care-free even on the battlefield, making remarks about her cuteness and claiming her commander loves her too much to sacrifice her. After the truth about Karl Fritz's collaboration with the Tybur family to end the Eldian Empire is revealed, she is seen wholly shocked, and her firm belief about Eldians in Paradis Island as evil is challenged. Her hatred of the people of Paradis Island is such that she shows no qualms after killing any of them. She holds a strong sense of pride in being a 'true' Eldian and does not remove her armband under any circumstances; if forcibly removed, she will do anything to get it back and fears that without it, she will become just like the evil Eldians on Paradis. Although Gabi is quite smart, having the intelligence to craft a bomb capable of derailing an armored train meant for taking out the strongest Titans while huddling in a ditch with limited supplies, and forming a plan to get close enough to perform said action, she is entirely oblivious and obtuse regarding other matters. Even though the other candidates are aware of Falco's obvious crush on her, Gabi remains unaware despite several people commenting on it while in her presence; even when Falco practically yelled it to her, she failed to figure it out. However, when Falco properly explained it to her, she was taken aback by it and could only blush at the news. Though Gabi's passion is one of her greatest strengths, having allowed her to become the skilled soldier she is, it is also her greatest flaw. It drives her vengeful side to the point of extreme rashness and an almost complete disregard of common sense, leading her to believe she could kill the entire Survey Corps single-handedly, despite them having taken out several Warriors and dozens of Marleyan soldiers. Unlike Falco, it also causes her to be very rigid and self-righteous in her beliefs, still seeing the Eldians of Paradis Island as devils and different from the "true Eldians" of Marley despite the revelations made public during the Tybur festival. She dismisses the Survey Corps and Anti-Marleyan Volunteers' reasons for the invasion of Liberio, even psychotically ranting at them after being captured that she will continue to fight them. During her time on Paradis, she still expressed her superiority as a "true Eldian" but is surprised that many of the actions of the Eldians on Paradis directly contradict what she has been raised to believe; she recalls that her cousin Reiner mentioned similar experiences while on Paradis during the Paradis Island Operation. After interacting with Kaya and Lisa Blouse, Gabi begins to harbor some doubts about the Eldians on Paradis Island being monsters. Despite willing to put her life on the line in service of Marley many times, Gabi is actually quite scared at the thought of dying; when she was at the mercy of Mr. Blouse, Gabi expresses true fear and does nothing to try and defend herself, remaining completely motionless. By the time of the Marleyan counter attack against Paradis, Gabi has completely let go of her hatred against the people of Paradis and no longer sees them as devils. When she hears Mrs. Blouse's concern over them and Kaya's justified anger, Gabi breaks down in tears while confessing the faults in her prior beliefs. Gabi confessed that she finally understood her cousin Reiner's feelings and claimed, "There were no devils on this island, there were only people. We, these people we had not even ever seen, all of them, we decided they were devils." Right after the commotion of the Rumbling, Gabi is at a crossroads in her life. She realizes that people living in Paradis are no different from themselves and begins fighting against Eren Yeager, who has become the true enemy of humanity, to save everyone.

hyperactive athletic brown eyes brown hair child fair skin short short hair small breasts soldier thick eyebrows
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