Gaius Husbando

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Gaius is a thief living in Ylisse and will do any job if paid the right price. He loves sweets and has candy hidden all over his body. Gaius is calm and collected, with a clear mind. However, his seriousness breaks whenever candy and other sweet confections are brought into the question. Despite the nature of his job, Gaius has morals and does things with the best interest of others, such as his unwillingness to assassinate Emmeryn because he likes her, or blaming Maribelle's father for his theft incident to protect Maribelle. Due to his occupation as a thief, he does not believing in "something-for-nothing" as shown with his supports with both male and female Robin where he refuses to forget about them knowing his criminal tattoo on his arm until they reveal one of their own to him. He is also afraid of bugs as shown with his conversations with Lon'qu in the Summer Scramble DLC. Gaius has hypoglycemia, which is why he must carry sweets on him at all times. As revealed in his supports, he is good at making things by hand, like jewelry and embroidery, and also is good with housework. His support conversations with Olivia also reveals that he enjoys baking his own sweets. Gaius is also very open to criticism, using any feedback people tell him to try and improve his skills further.

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