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The man who would become Modulok was once a human scientist known as Galen Nycroft. At some point, Nycroft was imprisoned by the Eternian royal guard for attempting to use his science to control all of Eternia with a mind ray. While languishing in the royal dungeon, Nycroft was unfazed by the prison guards' mockery of him and vowed to escape and prove himself. Nycroft summoned a bat-like aid to his side with a component needed to teleport his final invention to the prison cell. Teleporting the large machine to the cell, he stepped inside, and an explosion comes from within. He stepped out in the mutated form of Modulok, and used his greatly bolstered strength to break free from the prison cell. Once free, Modulok contacted Skeletor and offers him his services, but Skeletor was not impressed, dimissing him as a "wimp scientist". Skeletor vowed to only accept Modulok into his evil warroprs once he had proven himself. Modulok therefore set out to prove himself by capturing He-Man, though he failed in this scheme. Later, working alone, Modulok appeared to have become the sworn enemy of Man-At-Arms. He captured the heroic warrior Roboto and reprogrammed him to carry out his own evil deeds. He then attempted to experiment on Man-At-Arms, intending to transfer his brain power into his second, cybernetic, head so that he could possess Man-At-Arms' scientific knowledge for himself. Modulok was later seen amongst Skeletor's minions at Snake Mountain, indicating that he had somehow managed to gain acceptance into Skeletor's forces. Modulok went on to construct a device for Skeletor which could open a gateway to Etheria to transport his whole army to the planet. However, Modulok was subjected to nothing but abuse and scrutiny by Skeletor, who still disrespected his skills. Tired of the constant abuse, Modulok chose to defect to Hordak and the Horde. Hordak, himself a scientist, is more appreciative of Modulok's abilities and accepts his services, recruiting him as Horde scientist and using the machine in an attempt to invade Eternia. After the scheme fails, Hordak demoted Modulok to Horde cook as punishment, though he would later regain Hordak's favour. Modulok later led an attack on Frosta's kingdom in order to stir up war between two tribes of the icy regions of Etheria, alongside his robotic assistant, Multi-Bot. He also displayed the ability to transform his arms into different weapons. He also assisted Hordak in a scheme to kidnap two Earth children and bring an end to the spirit of Christmas. DC comics appearance: He-Man The Eternity War (2015—2016) Marvel comics: He made a total of 3 appearances in the comics from May 1986 to May 1988.

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