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Gamma is the third member of Shadow Garden, being one of the original "Seven Shadows", managing the organization's internal affairs, finances and logistics. Her public identity is Luna, the director of the Mitsugoshi Company which secures funds for Shadow Garden by selling "original" products that actually are reverse-engineered using Shadow's descriptions of goods from Earth. Gamma is a mature-looking young woman with a slender figure, large bosom, and dark blue hair with several strands braided that extends nearly to her feet. Furthermore, she also possesses a mole under the left corner of her lips. Her Shadow Garden uniform consists of a standard slime bodysuit with golden patterns decorated around her chest and arms. She wears a sleeved jacket with gold edges that exposes her cleavage and ends at a point behind her back, and golden shoulder pads. Her torso wears a bustier with gold trims going down the center of her forward attire, and her bust is hidden behind a thin fabric. She wears standard Shadow Garden trousers but also has uniquely designed boots that end just above the knees, with thick golden collar end with a thinner golden line underneath looping around from the lower inner knee to the upper outer thigh, holding a violet gem. The heels of her boots are similar to her work heels but enclosing her feet with gold lines around the ankles and gold rims over her metatarsel joints. Outside of Shadow Garden, Gamma normally wears a long dark dress attached to a checker that exposes her chest and back whenever she is going about in her public persona of Luna, the head of the Mitsugoshi Company. Gamma is seen as a dignified person with elegance and grace, but in actuality, she is very clumsy which affecting her performance in battle as she has a habit of tripping over when wearing high heels because she's not get used to wearing it. Immediately after joining Shadow Garden, Gamma had a complex about having no fighting sense, and she felt very sad and disappointed by this, once believing she was thinking about leaving Shadow Garden until Shadow told Gamma about the knowledge of his previous life under the name of "Shadow Wisdom", which eventually she decided to fight with her intellect rather than fighting force. Even though Gamma not a competent fighter, she makes up for it for her highly cunning intelligence, making her the one responsible for most of Shadow Garden's operations. Gamma also an honest businessperson as she does not resort to used dirty practices when she runs the popular Mitsugoshi Company, which is a front for Shadow Garden.

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