Maki Gamou

Maki Gamou
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Maki Gamou, better known as "Gamo-chan", is a supporting character of the Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro manga series. She is a high school student and Nagatoro's best friend. Gamo-chan is a confident, popular, driven and quite aggressive girl as well as the nominal ringleader of the 'cool kids' clique, which Yoshi, Sakura and Nagatoro herself are part of. She and Nagatoro share a sort of friendly rivalry and, being aware of her friend's feelings for Senpai, she likes teasing him and pulling unique pranks to help their relationship. Gamo-chan is an attractive, tall and statuary, high schooler with long, fiery orange hair - which she likely bleaches since they turn lighter in a gradient towards the tips - usually scruffy and a little unkempt. She has porcelain skin, although not delicate, and large, expressive orange eyes that perfectly match her hair color. She has removable double piercings on her upper left ear, but those are usually covered by her hairs. She is the tallest out of Nagatoro's friends - almost as tall as Senpai - and is also the bustiest, albeit Yoshi reached her cup size after her summer puberty changes. An amazonian beauty, she has a toned, muscular, flexible and extremely athletic physique with well-defined abs, a shapely musculature and generous breasts, a feature which is often Nagatoro's envy. Gamo-chan sports almost always a smug sneer and a fascinating eyelid which is higher than the other, also she tends to thin her pupils whenever she grins. She typically wears her school uniform consisting of a white button-up shirt (with sleeves always rolled up and collar never buttoned) and a navy blue skirt completed with a pair of sneakers and dark soccer socks. However, in summer she wears a short-sleeved shirt in her uniform, while in winter she is shown to wear a light brown sweater and occasionally a blue blazer. She is also often seen wearing a circular bracelet on her left wrist. When not at school she always sports a very stylish, glamorous, elaborate, rock-fashion and yet feminine choice of clothing. Gamo-chan appears as an aggressive, harsh, sarcastic, cunning and bossy girl with a sadistic streak just as evident as Nagatoro's. She's the strongest bully out of the girls' clique and in a profile it's stated that she likes to mock people. An utterly outspoken individual, she's not shy in overstepping the boundaries or being rude to Senpai in both manner and words. However, this is insinuated to be an act, as doing so she causes Nagatoro to go the extra mile in proving he's a worthy guy and ultimately bringing the pair closer together. Proving this, despite being Senpai's most vicious critic, she only insults Senpai when Nagatoro can hear it, while when they're alone and she can't defend him, she acted almost friendly. As time passes, regardless of her constant jokes questioning his sexual drive and manliness on several occasions, Gamo-chan got significantly kinder toward Senpai, treating him like one of her friends and acting very at ease with him, even to the point of easily admitting she finds him someone who's "pretty funny" to be with and eventually calling him "a friend of hers". Despite her general attitude, Gamo-chan is also very calm and level-headed as she never loses her composure and has proven to be quite patient and thoughtful. A "jerk with a heart of gold", though she always keeps a tough facade, Gamo-chan's sweeter and more caring toward her friends than she lets on; when she noticed Nagatoro was feeling bad for Senpai not swimming with them while they were to the beach she tried to cheer her up telling her that if he didn't want to they couldn't force him. When Nagatoro sulks at her due to a comment she made on her bust size Gamo-chan felt genuinely bad, explained what she meant by saying that big-breasts were better and pointing out that regardless of that Nagatoro was "cute", also she gets concerned about how Nagatoro was feeling when almost all the cheers were for Orihara during the judo tournament, worried deeply for her when she got injured and, albeit she initially wanted to get in the way of Nagatoro's first date with Senpai, she ultimately easily abandoned said intent. She got really upset when Sakura got stalked, acted almost motherly to Yoshi over her fear of crossing the road, is very patient toward her when she tries to accompany her in singing albeit tone-deaf, took care of her when she gets lost in the crowd - as shown in an extra sketch of Volume 4 - and can't be described as anything less but proud the very first time the girl stood up to her.

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