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Garfiel Tinsel (ガーフィール・ティンゼル) is Frederica Baumann's half-brother. Garfiel has short gold hair and jade colored eyes. He is slightly taller than Ram, has a scar on his forehead, and has feline like canines. Unlike his older sister Frederica, Garfiel uses his mother's surname Tinsel to remember her. He was initially hostile to Subaru, as he wanted to protect the people in the Sanctuary since he believed the outside world to be a terrible place, however with Subaru and Ram's help he was able to face his past and get over it. After making up with Subaru, he begins to call him boss. He has feelings for Ram and uses various proverbs to try and impress her to no avail. As a 14 year old, he also exhibits some chuunibyou tendencies, frequently being impressed by Subaru's naming sense. Garfiel was born around 15 years ago to a father who was a half and a Human mother, Reala Thompson, and was born a quarter. Eventually, after wandering around, Frederica, along with Reala and Garfiel, were picked up by Roswaal and given a home at the Sanctuary. Reala left her children at the Sanctuary to bring back her missing husband.Garfiel and Frederica lived together until she left when he was 4 years old and he hadn't seen her since until their reunion 10 years later during the Sanctuary incident. Source-

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