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Garnet is a villager from Ishigami Village. She is one of the three Sparkly Sisters along with her siblings Sapphire and Ruby. Her parents are Alabaster and Dia. Garnet is a young woman with long blonde hair and large red eyes with visible eyelashes. Her lips are more prominent and darker than her sisters'. She also has bangs that reach the tops of her cheekbones and frame her face with an errant thick strand falling between her eyes. Her eyebrows are thin and tilt downward. Her outfit consists of a long, turquoise-blue, tube-top-style dress with no sleeves. It has a high slit on the right side which is held together with a thin brown string, going up to her hip. The top hem is slightly rolled over, exposing the undyed brown underside. She also wears a matching fabric collar around her neck, attached with a piece of rope wrapped around her neck and tied in a bow on the right side. Another rope is tied around her right thigh, exposed by the slit. Additionally, she has a passing resemblance to her ancestor, Lillian Weinberg. According to Kohaku, she and her sisters are the prettiest women in the village. Garnet appears to have a similar personality to her other two sisters as she is usually seen discussing boys. She seems to talk slightly more than the others. Out of the three, she prefers physically strong men.

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