Gene Husbando

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God Hand
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Date of Birth
178.00 cm
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Popularity # 37166
Like # 35645
Trash # 37051

A twenty-three year old dusty rambler, Gene lost his right arm during an attempt to save a helpless woman from a group of thugs revealing themselves as demons. However, as thanks for his bravery, the woman, introducing herself as Olivia, gave him the right Godhand, an arm possessing legendary power, before sending him on a mission to defeat the Four Devas and prevent the return of the ancient evil Angra. Gene is best described as being a borderline classical anti-hero, in that he is not necessarily a morally questionable character, but he lacks traditionally heroic qualities. On one hand, he is cocky, lazy, and rude, as he treats every opponent he faces with an equal amount of disrespect, complains whenever he has to go out on a mission at Olivia's command, and enjoys making fun of and even bullying his opponents, a prime example of this would be a majority of his interactions with Elvis, as he tends to make remarks about Elvis's weight, or his baldness, with the purpose of provoking the demon. And on the other hand, he is also courageous, empathetic, strong-willed, and selfless, as he attacked Felix & Bruce when they were attacking Olivia to steal the God Hand from her, despite him having no idea of what they were capable of doing, and was notably upset when he saw a group of Henchmen attacking a Villager to steal his arm, as he had experienced the same misfortune as the villager did, and his strong will & selflessness are best demonstrated by how he is willing to embark on the missions that Olivia assigns him despite disliking them. Gene also possesses a cheerful and laid back attitude, as he is rarely seen angry or being serious unless he or somebody he knows is in a dire situation.

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