Gilthunder Husbando

Place of Origin
Kingdom of Liones
Date of Birth
August 26th
185.00 cm
73.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Guilherme Stula
Popularity # 7126
Like # 7358
Trash # 5244

Gilthunder is a Diamond-ranked Holy Knight and the son of Zaratras, the former Great Holy Knight. Along with Howzer and Griamore, he's part of The three brats. Gilthunder is a relatively tall and handsome man with slightly curled neck-length pink-colored hair that has bangs hanging on the left side and blue eyes. 16 years after the Holy War, Gilthunder has shoulder-length hair, with the bangs covering his right eye. He also has a wedding ring on his left hand. Gilthunder wears a dark-colored full body knight armor without a helmet and wields a single hand sword. The upper body armor is carved with several crosses and the symbol of the Holy Knights. He also has a leather waist belt fastened on top of his armor. Gilthunder was a seemingly cold and cruel individual around the start of the story, devastating a town by stopping its source of income simply because he was angry with them. When he learned that a child pulled out his sword, he threw a spear at the town just to check whether it or not it was an accident, even though the town could have been destroyed. However, despite that, he is honorable as he gave Meliodas a final request when he thought that he was dying. He has a desire to kill the Seven Deadly Sins for supposedly killing his father. To prove that he has, both, surpassed & to avenge his father, he attempts to hunt and kill the Seven Deadly Sins. In his childhood, Gilthunder was a sweet and friendly child, especially towards the Seven Deadly Sins. Specifically Meliodas, who trained him in the art of swordsmanship before turning dark after the Seven Deadly Sins were accused of killing his father. However, later in the story, it was revealed that Gilthunder was acting cruel and ruthless, as Margaret, the woman he loves, was being held hostage and being used against him to join the Holy Knights. After being freed by Meliodas, Gilthunder returned to his old and kinder self.

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