Ginna Bizen

Ginna Bizen
Original Name
備前 銀奈
Romaji Name
Bizen Ginna
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 30th
159.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 28881
Like # 26597
Trash # 38746

Ginna Bizen is a member of the Anti-Demon Corps' 10th Unit. Ginna is a short, wavy haired young woman, dressed in the standard Anti-Demon Corps uniform. She wore two hair pins near her left eye. Ginna is an energetic and flamboyant girl, conducting the assigned task with great enthuasim. Ginna is a fan of the Anti-Demon Corps, especially towards Chiefs. It is made obvious enough from the fact, she overreacts whenever seeing Kyouka and Tenka fighting off the Shuuki and Rairen, having full knowledge about their combat preference and desiring to see them fight. Aside from this, she held little-to-no opinion on men, who're unable to reach the same status as the women among the corps, which was shown when she looked at Yuuki with disgust. However, this changed after she witnessed him fighting alongside Kyouka in his slave form, to the point of asking him for his autograph. Ginna also holds a great deal of respect and admiration for Ren.

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