Gloxinia Husbando

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March 18th
162.00 cm
53.00 kg
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Gloxinia is the first king of the Fairy King's Forest, but later defected and became recruited as the Repose of the Ten Commandments. However, after seeing King's choice, he ultimately left and returned to affiliate with the Fairy Clan. Gloxinia is usually seen with Basquias wrapped around him in the form of green octopus-like tentacles. While having Basquias around him only his upper chest is exposed and his hair covering his pointed ears, and has an androgynous looking face. However, When not surrounded by his shroud and revealing his true appearance, it can be seen that he possesses large, lustrous and rainbow-colored butterfly-like wings. Gloxinia has the Commandment tattoo on his chest, pointed ears draped by his long bright red hair, and a gray corsage on his left wrist. He wears baggy white pants which have dark blue butterfly scale-like patterns at the cuffs. Around his waist he wears a green sash and wears a set of black shoes. Before he aligned with the Demon Clan, his eyes were amber and the Commandment mark on his pectoral didn't exist. In the past, Gloxinia used to be much happier and had an outgoing and caring personality often enjoying playing childish games as well as protecting the Fairy King's Forest, until an incident 3,000 years ago. As a member of the Ten Commandments, Gloxinia has an upbeat and go-free personality but very sadistic demeanor, seemingly reveling in taunting others and killing. He holds a very deep loathing and resentment towards humans due to the betrayal Rou and his comrades committed towards Stigma when he initially believed his sister, Gerheade, was killed by him, but despite this, Drole notes he seems to enjoy imitating them. After the Great Fight Festival he reverts to his original comedic, caring, headstrong and outgoing personality confidently stating to Zeldris he is ready to fight him at full force. Gloxinia even expressed how much he resents turning to the Demon Clan and glad he can atone for his sins in his final moments.

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