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Go Kazamatsuri
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Go is an easily excitable individual and a helpless romantic, described by others as plain and a womanizer. He's known to hit on girls a lot without much thought to the consequences of his actions, but is cautious that he doesn't overstep boundaries despite a habit of speaking before thinking. Go used to be flirtatious towards most women he found pretty in the beginning of the series, however he is shown to mostly focus hitting on his crush, Erika Kose, as the story progresses. He is noticeably confident in his ability to get with women, often prompting smug responses out of him despite his constant failures and inability to get Erika to recognize him making a move. Go seemingly lacks a lot of tact to his advances owing to being overreactive, getting ahead of himself and sometimes being so blunt that he comes off as rude, such as referring to Erika as a "Crazy-ass miso woman." He is prone to jealousy around his friends who are already in a relationship such as Tsubasa, and can even be overreactive even seeing his friends being close to girls. His detective work is not often mentioned, but he has been shown taking pride in it when brought up.

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