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Goro Akechi
Original Name
明智 吾郎
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Akechi Gorou
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Date of Birth
June 2nd 1998
178.00 cm
64.00 kg
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Goro Akechi is a playable character from Persona 5. He is a public celebrity, touted by his fans and the media as the second coming of the detective prince (after the first appeared in Persona 4), and is investigating the mysterious Phantom Thieves of Hearts case sensationalizing Japan. During the course of the story, Akechi would condemn the Phantom Thieves' actions in an effort to influence public opinion against them. He temporarily cooperates with them for professional reasons, using the codename Crow. Because of his otherwise lonely life as an unwanted child, Akechi would be obsessed with his hatred towards his father Masayoshi Shido, blinding him in his pursuit for justice. Because of that, he works behind the scenes as the Black Mask responsible for many of the mental shutdown and psychotic breakdown incidents, acting as an assassin for Shido's political gain, a tool to get him to acknowledge him as means for revenge. In public and with all of his relations, Akechi appears to be well-mannered, friendly, humble and charismatic. His achievement of being a high-school detective, coupled with his handsome features, makes him highly popular among the general public and he is commented to be "The Second Coming of the Detective Prince." His intelligence and smooth-talk earned him enough trust from the police to conduct his own investigation despite his young age, working with Sae Niijima, who fully trusts him to assist her in her investigation. He presents himself as having a strong sense of justice, disapproving of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts for their methods. He is candid in expressing his disagreement, but he wants to hear about other people's views in an honest fashion. He quotes Hegel on this, citing that "advancement cannot occur without both thesis and antithesis." He finds an interest in the protagonist because he speaks his mind. This identity, as well as his cheery disposition, however, are nothing short of a fraud that he carefully crafted to grant him a public image and mask his real personality. Due to having been born an illegitimate child, he would be despised by others as he would be nothing more than a scandal for them, even ruining his mother's life and driving her to suicide. He would subsequently be placement into child institutions, Akechi grew up a lonely child who yearned to be loved; this feeling persisted into his teenage years. The stigma of being an illegitimate child, while also heavily implied to be an impulsive mistake on Shido's part, has haunted Akechi and become the basis of his incredibly misanthropic worldview as well as his legitimate self-loathing. Akechi's desperation for acknowledgement leads him to study hard to become perfect and develop his outward Detective Prince image in hope to be accepted by people around him. Even then, Akechi is still disliked among people for his affiliation, which are only "heroes by fraudulence": not only does the more honest Sojiro Sakura dislike him for his work with the police, but the Phantom Thieves of Hearts themselves find him a menace as his public views and remarks are nothing more than a hindrance to them. Even the public's support doesn't fill the hole in his heart, as he knows he's loved only if he upholds the pretense of being a charismatic idol detective rather than a bastard child. And even without knowing about his true identity, his fans are quick to turn on him if he makes mistakes, such as when the Phantom Thieves triumphed over Kaneshiro and Medjed. Shido's abandonment, more specifically leaving him with the identity and fate of an undesired child, resulted in Akechi developing a strong hatred for his father, to the point that he swore he would get revenge on Shido for ruining both his own life and his mother's. His desire for revenge was so intense that at the time when he was 14-15 years old, he was willing to use his abilities for Shido in order to fulfill his goal of ruining his father when he was at the apex of his power: specifically to acknowledge what would be, from Shido's perspective, a scandal he tried to suppress. Akechi's desire for revenge and to be acknowledged made him vulnerable to Shido's manipulation, forcing him to initiate mental shutdowns and commit murders, treating him as the tool for these killings while also putting him under the impression that Akechi was mostly responsible for these events via manipulating and grooming him. Near the final act of Persona 5, his obsession with enacting revenge on his father and his desire to be the hero of his own story overshadows his true feelings for the protagonist and the party. He becomes so desperate that he dismisses the concept of friends and true justice, claiming they are both meaningless and sickening, and even makes himself go psychotic which led to him losing control. This becomes substantial to his downfall, as in spite of his commended strength, his lack of bonds alongside his single-minded goal happens to be the reason why he is defeated. However, after learning how special he is to the protagonist and the party, and the truth of how Shido sees him from the cognitive version of himself, Akechi realizes how foolish he's been for letting his hatred blind him from seeing the truth, and willingly sacrifices himself. The first and the only person that Akechi has ever formed a bond with close to friendship is the protagonist whom he has complicated feelings for. After meeting the protagonist, for the first time, Akechi is able to experience a simple, normal life with a friend. Unlike most people, the protagonist is honest with him when speaking his mind and actively pursues him. Spending time with the protagonist gives a profound effect on Akechi. He admires yet envies the protagonist, who does not let anything stop him from carving his own path, and thus considers him his rival. Persona 5 Maniax states that despite being overwhelmed with jealousy and contempt for the protagonist, who has everything he doesn't, Akechi says he would have wanted to meet the protagonist earlier, and doesn't deny what Morgana says about him taking a liking to the protagonist. On Christmas Eve, Akechi willingly turns himself in to testify against Shido in the protagonist's stead, claiming he does so to repay his debt with him. He is alarmed and disappointed should he ever accept Maruki's reality, as he believes that it betrays his ideals and their relationship with each other. At the same time, he is relieved each time the protagonist turns Maruki's offer down, knowing that he is resolved to return to their normal reality, and accepting Maruki's offer would be a betrayal of Akechi's wishes. In an interview in Persona 5 The Royal Official Complete Guide, director Kazuhisa Wada comments that Akechi doesn't care much for other people except the protagonist. In the third semester of Persona 5 Royal, Akechi no longer cares what others may think of him after rejoining, completely abandoning his detective prince persona. Now perfectly comfortable with his true self, he doesn't mince his words regardless how other people would be affected by it. He won't bother making small talk, directing the conversation straight to the point. While Akechi seems to no longer hold any contempt for the Phantom Thieves, he is no kinder than before with them since they already know his true nature. The game doesn't show Akechi showing his true personality to other people except the Phantom Thieves, but he makes no attempt to hide it either, which surprised Sumire during their first exploration of Maruki's Palace. He also shows a morbid sense of humor, dryly suggesting they kill Maruki when handing him the calling card. He usually speaks in a calm and polite fashion, but when he drops his guise and engages in combat as the Black Mask, his dialogue becomes wildly aggressive and profane. However, he displays this behavior only towards enemies, for example, Shadows. This side of him is elaborated upon further during battle, as he refers to small Shadows as "scum" and delights in killing them. When it comes to his enemies, he is still merciless, seeing no problem in killing if he feels it is necessary. During a conversation in the Thieves Den, Akechi outright states that he would have killed Madarame or Kamoshida if he were to be abused by them like Yusuke or Ann were; in turn, they responded that letting them suffer their guilt for an eternity would be a better punishment than outright killing them. Akechi does show a certain restraint to this side of him, depending on who his opponents are, as shown in Maruki's Palace when he chooses to back out and leave the protagonist to fight Sumire alone: Akechi says he doesn't want to accidentally kill her, but in the Japanese version, he states he doesn't want to accidentally hurt her. He would attempt to kill Maruki only as a last resort when he'd see no other choice. Usually Akechi will use "boku" to refer to himself and "kimi" to refer to other people, which is (usually) considered polite. However, when he's the Black Mask, Akechi will always use "ore" to refer to himself (which is also used by Ryuji) and refer to others as "kisama" or "omae" (the latter of which is used by both Morgana and Ryuji.) All of the three pronouns he uses as the Black Mask are considered extremely impolite, and are also used by Shido when he drops his facade to deal with people personally. Having been manipulated and controlled by Shido before, Akechi values free will above all else. For this reason, he is disgusted by Maruki's salvation plan that requires his memories to be distorted and changed, which Akechi sees as no different than when he was controlled by his father. He is determined to live his life following the path that he chooses for himself, without anyone dictating him, even if it means he will die doing so. Despite his reputation as a detective being a fabrication, Akechi has genuinely sharp, intuitive and innovative deduction and analysis skills, as seen during Niijima's Palace and Maruki's Palace, as well as during Persona Q2; his quick and in-depth thinking allows him to be an effective asset when an ally. He is also extremely cunning, secretly planning a means to counter Shadow Sae's last minute cheating in her Palace without the knowledge of his teammates beforehand. This proves that even without having to fabricate cases, he actually does have what it takes to become a true detective. However, his usage of the Wild Card happens to be very poor, as he relies on only two Personas based on parts of his personalities and doesn't have special bonds with anyone besides the protagonist. The official Persona 5 Artbook states that Akechi lives alone in a city apartment. His main skill is reasoning, and he has a habit of getting lost in thought during conversations. His hobbies include cycling (specifically with a hybrid bicycle for easy turning in Tokyo), bouldering, and playing fashionable games like darts. His guidebook profile also states that Akechi always makes sure to try out the latest popular dishes in order to use food as a conversation piece. Waiting in long lines for this does not bother him. He uses his cycling hobby to ride around town, gathering stories to utilize in conversation with adults. Since he spends a lot of time with adults, he has a reputation among Tokyo's famous hidden stores and high class restaurants, although in truth he has little interest in the food's flavor.

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