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Goro is one of the main characters in DARLING in the FRANXX series. He is a former Parasite with the codename "056" of Thirteenth Plantation, where he was partnered in boy-girl pair with Ichigo to pilot a FRANXX called Delphinium. As an optimist, Goro prefers to be open-minded and civil for the sake of avoiding conflicts, even restraining his feelings for Ichigo because of her feelings for Hiro, his best friend. Under duress, he will take over the role as the leader to ensure the stability and survival of the squad. Goro is a tall and averagely built man, being the tallest of the Parasites in Squad 13, with blond loose-spiked hair styled into an undercut. He wears blue-rimmed (sometimes seen as purple) glasses over his striking golden, olive-green eyes. He dons the standard Stamen Parasite uniform. In Episode 24 when he has become an adult, Goro's hair is cut much shorter and appears spikier. He is also shown wearing a dark brown mantle with white trims and a blue scarf when he goes traveling. When Goro was a child, he disliked being surrounded by people and wanted to be alone, and thought that fighting with other children would make them hate him so he could be left alone. He thought that he could handle everything by himself and didn't lean on other people. After meeting and befriending Ichigo and Hiro however, this attitude changed. Growing up, Goro became very considerate and supportive towards his friends. He learned to think rationally and to step aside when the situation called for so. He has an upbeat and easygoing "class rep" personality and is the "moodmaker" amongst the squad. He's a talented pilot and seen by many as one of the most well-valued parasites in Cerasus and has a good head on his shoulders. He is considered as the second unofficial leader of the squad and is very mature, responsible and level-headed; he isn't badly shaken when things go wrong. When Ichigo is seen breaking down in their FRANXX, Goro is the one who pulls her up on her feet again. However, Goro gives in quite easily to requests, as when he found out that Hiro was severely ill after piloting with Zero Two and would likely die if he kept it up, Hiro calmy asked Goro to keep it a secret so he can continue piloting, to which Goro reluctantly agreed to. Goro also keeps some of his childhood tendencies, as Ichigo states that he is very headstrong and always tries to solve everything by himself. Goro is selfless who cares very deeply for his friends. He will not hesitate to sacrifice himself as he values others over himself. In Episode 09, when Ichigo almost gets eaten by a klaxosaur and Goro realizes that her life could be in peril, he quickly ejects her from Delphinium, and instead gets trapped inside the klaxosaur. After spending hours trapped, he prepares to self-destruct the FRANXX, knowing it would kill the klaxosaur and keep Plantation 13 safe. He is also very understanding of others, and after confessing his love to Ichigo, he states that she doesn't need to answer him, knowing that it would put Ichigo in a confused state but he wanted to get it off his chest so he would have any regrets later. He states that he is completely fine with just being able to stand beside Ichigo as her partner. Even if Ichigo gives Hiro far more attention than himself, Goro doesn't hold a grudge towards either of them. When Ichigo offers to be Hiro's partner for a mock battle, Goro not only accepts it but also tells Hiro there is no need to feel guilty about it. Although Goro usually keeps a level-headed and easy-going composure and is always the first one to interrupt people from getting into fights and lashing out, he can lose his cool when people are selfish and overly inconsiderate of feelings of the people Goro cares about. This is seen in Episode 22 when Goro resorted to punching Hiro when he insisted going to space in order to save Zero Two, which could possibly lead to his death, when there were people who would do anything to keep him safe, like himself and Ichigo. However, he later confided in Ichigo that it was never about how his friends felt, but how he himself felt; he was scared of the world and path he himself chose. Goro also does not understand why Hiro is currently making such a brash decision when all of them are doing their best to survive, but in the end, he comes to respect Hiro's determination to protect and go after what he loves most, something Goro was afriad of. Later, it appears that Goro has become more confident, straightforward and open with his feelings. He decides to take his own path in life in order to survive and states that he won't let anyone fight his decision. He wants to do everything he yearns for, since he states that he doesn't want to regret things anymore. Determined to help people around him, Goro also decided to travel the world to both find valuable items to their homes and to help any children in need. As he becomes an adult, he becomes bolder, to the point of catching Ichigo off guard by kissing her. After marrying Ichigo, Goro is shown to be a loving husband towards her and exhibits excitement for their child’s imminent birth, as he is willing to postpone his traveling so he can take care of his family.

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