Gorou Amamiya Husbando

Gorou Amamiya
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Amamiya Gorō
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Gorou Amamiya was the main character of the first chapter of the Oshi no Ko manga series. He was a doctor specializing in gynecology and the one responsible for caring for and delivering Ai Hoshino's baby. He is also Aqua Hoshino's previous life. He later appears in many flashbacks and as hallucinations in Aqua's inner mind. Gorou was a man with dark hair and square-rimmed glasses. In all of his appearances, he always wore a doctor's white coat. Gorou appeared to be a dedicated and compassionate obstetrician who cared deeply about his patients. He was also a fan of idols, but his interest seemed to be driven by a desire to fulfill the wishes of a patient, Sarina Tendouji, rather than any questionable motives. However, the mention of Goro carrying a "loli-con image" raises concerns about his interests. Despite this, Goro is portrayed as understanding and supportive of Ai's pregnancy, indicating that he is capable of empathy and showing ''professional diligence'', do not mix personal matters. His willingness to confront a pursuer of Ai, even at the risk of his own life, demonstrates his courage and dedication to protecting those he cares about. Overall, he is also portrayed as a caring and dedicated professional who is willing to go to great lengths to support his patients.

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