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Grip, is one of three assassins hired by Akira Takaoka in Okinawa along with Smog and Gastro. He was defeated by Karma Akabane. Grip is a somewhat quiet man with a calm air about him. He's shown to be honorable and collected, but is not above threatening a person. He appears to take great pride in his strength as well. Grip also appears to be mildly eccentric as stated Gastro due to his use of "-nu" and the reasoning. Inhuman Physical Strength: Grip boasts great physical strength, which he utilizes in his assassinations. This also allows him to conduct jobs in situations where it may not be possible to bring a weapon like a high-security area where guards pat down everyone. According to Karma, he possesses enough physical strength to crush a man's skull. Combat Skills: Due to his line of work as an assassin, Grip rarely engages in hand-to-hand combat. When giving the chance, he is greatly skilled at fighting and doesn't hesitate to use underhand tactics in order to win in a fight.

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