Sachi Komine

Sachi Komine
Original Name
小嶺 幸
Romaji Name
Komine Sachi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
September 23rd
151.00 cm
Blood Type
82.00 cm
56.00 cm
83.00 cm
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Popularity # 1326
Like # 1244
Trash # 2180

Sachi Komine is a first-year student at Mihama Academy and the class representative. She is always seen wearing a maid uniform, except when going to school, taking a bath, or swimming. She says that everyone told her to wear one as much as possible. She was in an accident when she was little which affects her behavior deeply. Sachi's appearance is defined by her short, rough cut pink hair and striking deep blue eyes. Despite her small stature - she is the second shortest girl at Mihama Academy, only taller than Makina - Sachi exudes a friendly and approachable demeanor. Her face, with its slightly rounded features, gives off an air of innocence and youthful charm. Sachi is often seen with a smile on her lips and rarely displays negative emotions, making her a calming presence among her peers. Sachi's school uniform at Mihama Academy follows the same style as that of the other girls - a blue jumper and a white "sailor-style" shirt. She completes the uniform with white stockings, subtly attached by straps to her undergarments. When not wearing her school uniform, Sachi's preferred attire is a traditional maid uniform, which she was instructed to wear "whenever she can." The uniform features the classic black and white elements commonly associated with a maid outfit, including frilly shoulder ruffles with a high collar, a long sleeved black blouse with white cuffs, a long white apron ending in more ruffles covering a calve-length black skirt, with a red bow tied around her collar and a traditional-looking French maid lace doily hat being her only constant accessories. Although her sprites in the visual novel depict her in the same outfit, Sachi claims to have several durable alternate versions of the uniform. These include a recreational version designed for increased breath-ability and reduced sweating, a weapons-resistant variant for providing aid in combat situations, and even a "dressy" version with a brighter red bow (although Yuuji could not discern any difference in the shade of the bow). After breaking free of her desire to blindly obey orders and be a "good girl," Sachi began wearing the clothes given to her by Yuuji. This outfit includes a gray hooded, short-sleeved sweatshirt with a pink lining and a pink skirt that falls just below her mid-thigh. The first time she wore this outfit was on a beach date with Yuuji when she still had the strong desire be a "good girl". She continues to wear it frequently in her after story. Sachi is known for her polite and responsible demeanor, always willing to fulfill any request made of her. Her approach to action can be boiled down to three simple words: "receive", "confirm", and "execute", which she follows dutifully in every situation. While her strict adherence to these principles can make her appear overly serious at times and lead to misunderstandings, Sachi is dedicated to being reliable and trustworthy. In addition to her admirable qualities, Sachi has a unique interest in sharks, which she considers her favorite animal. She even put her creative skills to use by crafting a shark-shaped pouch that Michiru often carries around, showcasing her talent and love for these creatures. Sachi has a serious case of Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which manifest as heavy breathing and nausea whenever she recalls or dreams about the tragic accident that claimed the lives of her parents. Sachi blames herself for the accident, believing that her running away was the cause, leading to her subsequent desire to be a "good girl" and obey every request made of her. This belief became deeply ingrained, and any deviation from it would make her feel like a "bad girl." Despite her struggles, Sachi remains a diligent and reliable friend to those around her. Sachi is a kindhearted individual who doesn't seem to get easily embarrassed, even when discussing topics that others might find gross. She takes pride in her hard work and enjoys receiving praise for her efforts, especially from Yuuji. After Yuuji transfers to Mihama Academy, both Sachi and Makina are influenced by his personality, with Sachi becoming more flirtatious and occasionally adopting a cold, drill sergeant-like demeanor, and Makina leaning more heavily into the latter trait. Michiru has noticed that Sachi sings a specific melody when she's in a good mood, which is a departure from the nonsense lyrics taught to her by Makina. Prior to the accident, Sachi was a proactive and spirited girl who sought attention and enjoyed being praised. Yuuji even described her as somewhat tomboyish due to her outgoing attitude. Her motivation for seeking praise stemmed from the positive reinforcement she received from her parents and from Yuuji shortly after. She became so fond of being praised that she worked increasingly hard just to receive it, even asking Yuuji to praise her specifically for winning a game of Xtreme Typos rather than anything else. Upon emerging from her "good girl" persona (which began with the Improvisation chapter in the first game), Sachi gradually began to express herself more freely and display a wider range of emotions than before, including occasional bouts of jealousy. Although she resumed some of her proactive tendencies, she also continued to perform the duties that had become habitual for her.

blue eyes first year maid
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