Guild Girl

Guild Girl
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Uketsuke Jō
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155.00 cm
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Popularity # 481
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Trash # 1522

Guild Girl is a young woman who runs the Adventurer's Guild's front office in the frontier as a receptionist and hands out quests to Adventurers. Guild Girl has yellow-gold eyes and light brown hair which is woven into braids. She is usually seen wearing her guild uniform which consists of a yellow jabot, white dress shirt covered by a navy vest, a long black pencil skirt, a three-strap black belt, dark pantyhose, and black high heels. She is also noted to be very beautiful by many in the Frontier, with even other girls admiring her beauty. High Elf Archer has even said when Guild Girl wears a dress, she is the perfect image of a Slyph, a wind spirit. Guild Girl has stated that her well-built body and curves are thanks to a rigorous workout routine that she practices everyday. Despite being of noble birth Guild Girl is an empathetic individual, showing concern for the villages pleading for help against Goblins and for the rookie Adventurers confidently attempting Goblin Slaying Quests, as shown with Warrior's party. Understanding how dangerous Goblins really are, Guild Girl muses to herself how Goblin attacks are on the rise and villagers are desperate for help, but lack the funds to hire skilled Adventurers. Knowing how often rookie adventurers get killed or captured attempting Goblin Slaying Quests, Guild Girl feels uncomfortable when silver-ranked Adventurers refuse them due to the low reward, lack of fame or simple disinterest. She has developed a dislike for boisterous individuals, due to dealing with them on a daily basis, and has developed a type for silent and stoic men, or as Inspector calls them the "Strong, Silent Type". As a result, Guild Girl develops feelings towards Goblin Slayer (being the only adventurer taking Goblin quests and being the least boisterous among Adventurers).

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