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Fire Emblem: the Blazing Blade Guinevere was the daughter of King Desmond and his mistress, making her the half sister to Zephiel the child from Desmond's wife, Hellene. As a result of Guinevere's mother being the woman Desmond had originally intended to marry and Zephiel's mother being the woman he had been forced to marry, Desmond blatantly favored Guinevere over Zephiel, desiring Guinevere's husband to take the throne of Bern. The feud between Desmond and Hellene grew to the point that Hellene and Zephiel had been moved to a mansion outside the castle's premises, whilst Desmond and Guinevere lived in the castle. Despite this Zephiel tried to visit Desmond and Guinevere as much as he could, Guinevere dearly loved her brother and didn't understand her father's hostility to his son. On one occasion when Zephiel visited his father and Guinevere under the pretense that the latter was sick(a lie from Desmond), a healthy Guinevere was gifted a fox cub by her brother. Despite Zephiel's attempt to connect to his father, Desmond was enraged to see the two siblings and thought Zephiel was trying to steal Guinevere from him. Fire Emblem: Binding Blade As her brother grew, so did his popularity among Bern, Desmond came to feel Guinevere's chances of ascending to be Bern's ruler were being threatened. This led to Desmond setting a trap for Zephiel, pretending to accept his son, Desmond offered him a cup of poisoned wine. Faking his death and funeral, Zephiel killed his father. While Guinevere's young age meant she didn't comprehend the full situation, she noticed her brother was never the same afterwards. In the face of her brother's actions, Guinevere went to Roy for help when she saw that Zephiel had gone too far. Unlike her older brother, she does not want a war to happen, and she still remembers how well they got along as children, before King Desmond attempted to kill Zephiel. Together with her lady-in-waiting, the cleric Elen, Princess Guinivere joins Roy early in the game in an effort to stop Zephiel. Eventually, she becomes the queen of Bern after Zephiel's defeat, despite the protests of some aristocrats. Guinivere is usable on the trial maps of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade once the player has completed the game nine times, and one of them in hard mode.

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