Guts Husbando

Place of Origin
A tree
Date of Birth
204.00 cm
115.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 1201
Like # 1081
Trash # 2509

Guts is shown to be a rather tall man, standing at 6'8" or 204cm[1] (described as being 6'3" or 190cm tall in Volume 26) with a strong, heavily scarred muscular frame. His short, black hair is fitted with pointy spikes. At the base of his hairline, he allows a few strands to hang just above his forehead. Thus, his haircut most closely resembles a crew cut. While, at first glance, he appears to be in his thirties after the 'Golden Age arc', he is actually only in his twenties at this point; only, he has been hardened by a lifetime of war. He bears a scar, crossing the bridge of his nose, which was inflicted to him by his foster father during his childhood. His right eye is closed indefinitely. In place of his severed left forearm, Guts is outfitted with a prosthetic limb fitted with an arm cannon. Furthermore, the palm of the metal limb's hand has a magnet, which allows Guts to grasp, along with his remaining arm, the incredibly massive Dragonslayer – his weapon of choice.

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