Gyomei Himejima Husbando

Gyomei Himejima
Original Name
悲鳴嶼 行冥
Romaji Name
Himejima Gyōmei
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
August 23rd
220.00 cm
130.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 4878
Like # 5245
Trash # 3251

Gyomei Himejima is a major supporting character of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps and the current Stone Hashira. Gyomei also serves as the mentor of Genya Shinazugawa. Gyomei is a hulking figure among the Demon Slayers. He is one of the tallest characters in the series, easily towering over his fellow Hashira. He is powerfully built and extremely muscular. He has spiky black hair and a prominent scar running horizontally across his forehead. Having been blind since childhood, he has white eyes with no visible irises or pupils. His eyes frequently tear-up when he gets emotional. Gyomei wears a black and white uniform typical of a Demon Slayer, with bandages over his shins resembling kyahan and white zōri with an olive green happi draped over his shoulders. The collared frame of the happi contains the kanji for the Japanese Nianfo/Shin Buddha chant from the top-down, along with the separate kanji all over at the back. He also sports a large-beaded necklace around his neck and carries ojuzu when he is not engaged in battle. He sustains a scar across his face after being slashed by a crescent moon blade from Kokushibo. His left leg from the knee below was later severed during the battle against Muzan. Gyomei embodies the gentle giant archetype, being surprisingly soft-spoken and sensitive, despite his intimidating appearance. He is also shown to be quite pious, carrying his prayer beads at all times and offering prayers in poignant situations. Most notably, Gyomei easily cries over the most insignificant things, accentuating his rather soft nature. This could be due to his love for all living creatures brought about by his religious upbringing, and insinuated when he felt so disgusted by beating up a demon that he would never forget that feeling for the rest of his life. Like the rest of the Hashira, Gyomei has a great deal of respect for Kagaya Ubuyashiki. He is also one of the most respected individuals among the Hashira, being a symbol of hope due to his immense strength. Furthermore, Gyomei acts as a leader for them, as seen when he sat at the front during a Hashira meeting[6] and was the one trusted by Kagaya to give out orders to them, due to Kagaya having known him for the longest out of the Hashira. Though he maintains a fairly reserved disposition, Gyomei harbors a very objective and somewhat suspicious view of the people around him, owing to his experiences before becoming a Demon Slayer. He is ever-cognizant of what others, particularly children or those younger than him, are capable of if given the opportunity. By reason of his doubtful nature, it can take a while for Gyomei to completely accept and trust others. When he does open up and let others in, he is unwavering in his commitment to them. Gyomei greatly values the principles that allowed him to achieve his status as a Hashira, rejecting Kokushibo's notion that he must become a demon in order to preserve his body and skills which he was devoted his himself to, and counters by saying that being a Demon Slayer means accepting the fact that seeing tomorrow is not guaranteed and that no one can become a Hashira with Kokushibo's half hearted resolution. Similar to Kyojuro Rengoku, the Stone Hashira also finds that living and dying as humans preserve our dignity. Gyomei even took the Upper Rank's statement as an insult, further accentuating how dearly he holds onto his values.

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