Ha Yuri Zahard

Ha Yuri Zahard
Original Name
하 유리 자하드
Romaji Name
Ha Yoori Jahhahd
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
March 1st
180.00 cm
Blood Type
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Ha Yuri Zahard, more commonly known as Yuri Zahard (lacking her family name), is a High Ranker and Princess from the Ha Family. She is also the owner of Black March and Green April, two of the 13 Month Series Ignition Weapons. She is the first Princess to own two 13 Months at the same time since Garam Zahard, and the only other Princess known to have achieved such. Notably, she is one of the most famous Princesses and therefore highly favoured, with much political influence throughout The Tower. After meeting Baam when he first enters the Tower, she becomes quite taken with him and spends most of the story trying to find him again, even boarding the Hell Train to do so. Yuri is renowned as a beautiful fair-skinned Princess with flowing ankle-length (it almost falls to her ankles) dark-colored hair that is always seen tied into a ponytail by a red ribbon or fascinator on the left side of her head with bangs swept to the right side, piercing red eyes, a very lithe figure and an above average sized bosom. It is noted that she greatly resembles her Grandmother, Ha Yurin. She wears two different outfits. In Part I, she wore a white long-sleeved jacket, black shirt, red tie, red skirt and black tights. She had the crest of Zahard on her tie. In Part II, she was seen wearing a long sleeved pink business shirt, with a long maroon skirt and matching blouse. She wore an overcoat with red and black fluff in royal appearances. She was seen without her tie at this time. In her most recent appearance Yuri wears a smart dark grey jacket, over a black t-shirt, and black trousers. Personality-wise, she is hot-tempered and notorious for making rash decisions, to the frequent dismay of her companion and guide, Evan Edrok. Additionally, she has been shown to be strong rather than smart (e.g., wanting to smash through a screen in order to get to Baam, who was being displayed on said screen).

black hair fair skin hair clips ponytail red eyes thin eyebrows medium breasts
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