Hajime Ichinose

Hajime Ichinose
Original Name
一ノ瀬 はじめ
Romaji Name
Ichinose Hajime
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
November 24th 1998
155.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 4394
Like # 3908
Trash # 8143

Hajime Ichinose is the main protagonist of Gatchaman Crowds. Hajime is usually seen in a school uniform with black shoes, skirt and stockings with a white shirt and a yellow handkerchief around her neck. Later changes to red handkerchief after fusing with Katze, although the change to a red handkerchief is more likely due to her being a third year student at the time. Her bust has also gotten noticeably bigger after the fusion as well. Hajime is a carefree and eccentric teenage girl where many of her teammates see her as "troublesome" and stupid at first. However, she is incredibly insightful as she completely changes the purpose of Gatchaman by discovering MESS's benevolent nature. Although somewhat impulsive both her rash and thought-out actions prove to be inspirational for her teammates. In essence, Hajime represents seeing the bigger and whole picture with a positive outlook while acknowledging the faults of others and remaining indifferent to them.

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