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Hakase is a young scientist, who despite her outstanding intelligence, still reflects her age. Her true name is unknown, as the word "Hakase" simply means "Professor", but her surname’s known to be "Shinonome." She loves sharks and snacks, and constantly modifies Nano Shinonome, whom she created, to add strange and unusual functions such as a machine gun right hand and a swiss roll dispensing arm. Nano, most of the time, is unaware of these modifications until they are first used. However, Hakase always refuses to remove the obvious wind-up key from Nano's back cause she thinks that it’s cute, despite Nano's requests to do so. She doesn’t go to school (apparently because she has already graduated) and then she spends her days playing around in the house instead. Hakase's family’s never revealed, and it’s unknown if she doesn’t have a family or simply doesn't live with them. Her home, labeled "Shinonome Laboratories" is inhabited only by herself, Nano, Sakamoto and her other sentient inventions. Hakase has light-ginger hair and sapphire-blue eyes; her hair’s unkempt and there's a cowlick near the backside of her head. She wears an oversized white lab-coat that has no openings on the front or back, and it runs all the way to the ground. It resembles PJ's or a very large t-shirt that has lab-coat styling with collars and a red tie. Hakase has above-average intellect, but she behaves like a spoiled 8-year-old child. She has an incredibly short attention span, and often it’ll drop or change the subject of a situation at any time. She will argue like a child and throw a tantrum if she does not get her way. She likes to have fun and laughs at everything, though this often gets her into trouble. She loves snack foods, although her favorite food's omurice (omelette rice). Despite her impressive intellect, her creations have very little, if any, practical application, typically being made for a laugh or for showing off. One of her inventions include "Super Glue", an enormous tube of super sticky glue she made to pull a prank on Nano and Sakamoto (which she wound up getting caught in as well), two Biscuit androids (which they’re shown to be less than effective at anything), and various tricks and dispensary-devices she installs in Nano against her creation's will. She has a passion for sharks, and she’s often seen drawing them when not working on robots as well as enjoying "Shark Chocolate". She’s also deeply afraid of dogs, because they might bite her. While she's aware that Nano doesn't want other people to find out that she's a robot, Hakase often tends to forget about it, or simply doesn't share the sentiment. Hakase instead feels that Nano should be happy she's a robot, as she believes "robots are cute". This leads to a running gag where she promptly introduces herself as Nano's creator whenever she meets someone, much to the other person's surprise (and much to Nano's dismay).

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