Han Song-Yi

Han Song-Yi
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South Korea
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Han Song-Yi is a Korean E-Rank Hunter and Jinah's close friend. Song-Yi is a teenage girl with black hair in a bob cut, black eyes, and a beauty mark right under her left eye. On raids, she typically wears a hoodie with a black cap, a gray skirt, and black leggings. In her second appearance, she tied her hair into a bun with a pair of fringes on each side. Song-Yi was initially somewhat rude and did not care much about her own education, as she dropped out of high school once she started making fast cash as a hunter. However, after her near-death experience in the Red Gate Incident, she became much more friendly towards Jinwoo, referring to him by his first name instead of calling him "mister," and headed back to school to finish her education, clearly believing that she was better off there. She also gained a sense of bravery, as demonstrated by how she was willing to fight against the orcs even though she knew that she stood no chance against them at all.

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