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Hana is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation routes. One of Sakura's personal retainers, Hana is devoted to the blade and is recognized as one of the finest Katana wielders in Hoshido. Depicted as the stereotypical tomboy, Hana has a terrible sense of self-restraint. This is evidenced through her first appearance on the Birthright route, where she is observed to argue heatedly with Subaki over who "Sakura's best subordinate" is. Hana cares a great deal about Sakura, even holding some resentment for Corrin because their kidnapping caused a great deal of sadness to Sakura. However, she later apologizes to them for her hostility towards them. However, in the Conquest route, Hana viciously blames Corrin of being the cause of Sakura's endless crying and sadness and attempts to kill them so they won't hurt Sakura again, but fails. Though a tomboy, Hana still loves cute and girly things, which can be seen in her supports with Hayato. When he receives a bunch of childish and girly gifts from his caretakers in the Wind Tribe, Hana gladly offers to take them off his hands. Although Hana is considered to be one of the best samurai in all of Hoshido, she does not boast about it; instead, she ensures that she never misses a single day of training. As shown in her supports, she takes training extremely seriously up to breaking point and near-obsession as her supports with Kaze shows her trying to carry a huge supply of vegetables across a wide open field, her supports with Kaden demonstrates her near-obsessive nature towards training, her support with Hinata, who offers sparring matches against her to prove his mettle in combat and her supports with Effie has her attempting (but miserably failing) to adapt to the latter's training regime to match Effie's unnatural strength. This is due at least in part due to the fact that though she is a retainer to Sakura, she is also a noblewoman in her own right, descended in a long line of samurai who have served the Hoshidan royal family. Hana is also known to have a very odd sense of taste; in her C support with Saizo, he gives her a manjuu, which according to Saizo are not meant to taste particularly nice, and Hana comments on how great it tastes, much to Saizo's confusion. Hana enjoys cherry blossoms the most.

samurai ahoge armor blue eyes brown eyes brown hair fair skin headband long hair medium breasts playable tomboy
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