Hana Sugurono

Hana Sugurono
Original Name
末黒野 花
Romaji Name
Sugurono Hana
Appears In
7 Seeds
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 21331
Like # 21089
Trash # 18757

The 17-year-old girlfriend of Arashi Aota, and the main character of the chapters about Team Spring. She is depicted as beautiful, attractive and strong-willed; she is described as a tomboy by Arashi and energetic by Fujiko and Haru. Hana learned an adequate amount of wilderness survival skills from her father during her childhood. She was on her school swim team and dabbled in rock climbing as a hobby. Her usual motto is to never give up whatever happens to her. But when she realizes that she may never meet Arashi again, she contemplates suicide momentarily. She soon regains her vigor, once she learns that Arashi she has survived. As the series progresses, she becomes determined to live in the new world, and finds living on her own easier than having to deal with others.

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