Hanako Kamado

Hanako Kamado
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Hanako Kamado was Tanjiro Kamado's youngest sister, who was killed by Muzan Kibutsuji. Hanako was a young girl with black, shoulder-length hair and fringe above her eyebrows. She had large, dark red eyes with white pupils and pale skin, much like the rest of her family. Hanako wore a peach Iromuji kimono with a pale pink haori worn over it. She also wore a dark peach obi with a pink obijime and a beige-colored obiage. Under all of this, she wore a white juban. Hanako had an amazing bond with her family, she loved her oldest brother and sometimes liked to seek attention from him. Like her other siblings, she was upset about not being able to go with her brother to the village. She is also seen helping her family do household chores, and scolding her siblings if they did something naughty.

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