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Hanare is a kunoichi from the Jōmae Village. Hanare was a fair skinned, slender young woman with brown eyes and straight, dull green hair. When in disguise as a street performer she wore a red, sleeveless top with fur surrounding the top of her chest and below her shoulders. She also wears a green and blue skirt over a striped blue, orange and yellow skirt, a pink sash around her waist and black sandals. Her hair fell down to her waist with one bang that covered her left eye and she wore an orange hat with red horizontal stripes. Her make-up consisted of red lipstick and red eyeshadow and she had a beauty spot below her right eye, she also wore earrings made up of three purple pearls and a purple band around her neck. She wrapped yellow bandages around her hands and arms that reached just below her elbows. Naruto and Sakura both admired her beauty, expressing their admiration when they first saw her. While being escorted by Kakashi around the village, Hanare let two bangs frame both sides of her face and wore a pale, yellow kimono top that fell short above her waist and a red top underneath, light purple skirt and black shinobi boots. It was later revealed that she was wearing her proper shinobi attire underneath which consisted of a brown flak jacket with a red mesh top underneath, black pants with bandages around her right thigh and calfs, brown shin guards, black fingerless gloves that stretched to the top of her biceps and black shinobi boots. She wore the Jōmae village forehead protector and tied her hair in a loose ponytail with a red ribbon, while still letting two bangs frame her face.

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