Sylvia Sherwood

Sylvia Sherwood
Original Name
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Shiruvuia Shāuddo
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173.00 cm
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Sylvia Sherwood, also known as Handler or the Fullmetal Lady, is a recurring character of the SPY x FAMILY series. She is the commanding officer of WISE within Ostania and Twilight's main contact for Operation Strix. Sylvia is a tall woman with a slim figure and narrow blue eyes. She has wavy strawberry-blonde hair reaching the middle of her back. She is also sometimes seen having pink nail polish. Though she disguises herself in public, she typically sports a pair of round framed glasses and a black wide-brimmed hat with a dark pink band that has a bow on the side. In her role as Handler, she most frequently wears a fitted black dress with a low-cut square neckline over a white collared shirt and a large black ribbon tied under the collar like a loose bow, as well as square-shaped drop earrings taking the shape of WISE's symbol. The back of her dress is long, reaching below her knees, while the front reaches mid-thigh. She also wears fishnets over black stockings with black high heels. Her age is unknown, but is advanced enough to the point that it has become a concern for her in physical combat, and she once took minor offense to Anya saying "even at your age" to her. As Secretary Sherwood, she ties her hair in a ponytail and dons rectangular-shaped glasses. She wears a dark coat over a suit and skirt. Little has been revealed about Sylvia's personality. She is similar to Twilight in her commitment, skill, and logical approach to her endeavors. She is extremely dedicated to her given task; preserving peace between Westalis and Ostania by inserting Twilight into Donovan Desmond's inner circle. Like Twilight, she is willing to assist Anya's acquisition of Stella Stars by any means (including deception and espionage). Despite this, her plans for ensuring Operation Strix's success - such as bribing Anya or creating scenarios where Anya can be framed positively - are dubious at best, and her suggestions for Operation Strix can unnecessarily endanger the spies she manage. She is deeply compassionate, and has a soft spot for children and animals. She demonstrates these strengths in allowing the Anya to keep Bond after the terrorist bombing incident, and placating the child's concerns about the welfare of the other bomb dogs. She has said that she once had a daughter around Anya's age, but it is unclear how Sylvia lost her. As shown in her speech to the student terrorists, Sylvia has a deep-seated hatred of war. Her fervent disgust for - and knowledge of - the atrocities and horrors of war seem to indicate that she suffered a great deal in the last conflict. Despite maintaining an immaculate appearance in public, Sylvia's home is a complete mess, though her home was previously well-kept and tidy in the past. This deterioration is reflective of the trauma she endured from the loss of her partner and daughter during the war.

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